The chants grow loud, loud, louder
Echoing like waves throughout the masses, crying out for change.
The thumping in my chest,
a metronome for the lyrics
of the People drumming down these streets.

/no justice, no peace/

No, there will be no backing down,
no staying quiet,
no staying stagnant,
no staying complacent.

/if we don’t get it,/

Beware of the commercial breaks,
Square photos of flavored lattes, happy hour cocktails, and filtered selfies,
to distract you from this festering plague, that feasts,
with bloodthirsty fangs,
on innocent souls,
for the pure fact of being born Black,
in this hate-full world.

We will
stare blankly, fiercely, loudly,
into the eye of the hurricane, hands rolled into a fist high above our heads,
without fear, as it swirls into unprecedented chaos,
Be living proof of what
Martin Luther King Jr. meant when he said,
“The arc of the moral universe
is long,
But it bends towards justice.”

/shut it down/

We will not take no for an answer.

We. Will. Not. Back. Down.

We will light the torch of justice, and set fire to our world of scorn.

We will light the torch of justice, and let it guide us, deep into the long indigo night,
until the peach break of dawn opens up above us, lighting the path to rebuild a new world from the ashes.

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One response to “No Justice, No Peace”

  1. Fred says:

    “We will . . .”
    Read as an affirmation
    and a prayer.
    I enjoyed it.
    Thank you.

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