shell: the act of unfolding a letter
creased and lacking a legible postmark.

feather: one who adores tornadoes; a woman
who constantly forgets a comb.

shell: how it feels to sleep
next to someone warm.

feather: a cluster of things
furious when discarded,
like corn-silk; also, a punishment
for children who refuse to fall asleep.

shell: a thing that cries when empty.


AMELIA COHEN-LEVY shares a birthday with Anais Nin, Nina Simone, and General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Like all three, she has a fondness for silk pajamas. Her first writing award came in 1st grade for her early poetry. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing/Poetry from American University, where she served as Managing Editor for the literary magazine Folio. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from Mills College, where she served as Editor of the literary journal, Walrus, received the Mary Merritt Henry prize for a collection of poetry, and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. She has also studied at Skidmore College, attended the New York Summer Writers' Institute in Saratoga Springs, and University of California--Berkeley, where she studied Biblical Hebrew. She has driven cross-country 4 times in her now defunct Volvo. Excerpts from her translations of the biblical book of "Job" were recently published online by The Ilanot Review. Her work has also appeared in Tablet Magazine, 580 Split, Jewcy, and Poetica Magazine, among others. After making her home in Houston, Texas (in the shadow of the Astrodome), Berkeley, California (in the shadow of the Campanile), and Washington D.C. (in the shadow of the National Cathedral), she now lives in Northern Virginia. Her extensive honey collection now numbers 28 specimens, including avocado, basswood, and star thistle.

2 responses to “Still Life with Mollusks and Peacocks”

  1. Brilliant, as always. ♥

  2. shell: a thing that cries when empty. I understand.

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