Born Again

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to TNB 3.0! As you will see, the new site features four main sections: Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, and Arts & Culture. Each will be running a weekly feature on an artist of note, and each will strive to provide you with some of the finest writing on the Web. Readers can also visit our new Forums to meet and discuss, well, just about anything.  Another new feature:  podcasts!  And check out our new reader-generated photo experiment called The View From Your Phone.  For those of you in Kindle world:  TNB is now digital reader ready.  To have TNB automatically delivered to your Kindle, please visit our Amazon page.  And don’t forget to keep up with us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and our new official blog, The Feed.  Have fun exploring (and please remember to bookmark us!). As always, a heartfelt thanks for stopping in and reading. We hope you enjoy the new site.

The Nervous Breakdown is an online culture magazine and literary community. It was founded in 2006. Our masthead can be found here.

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    Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

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