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In an essay entitled “Searching for Richard Yates”, author Sung J. Woo delivers a salute to one of American literature’s most underrated talents. “Like most writers, Yates hoped to be published in The New Yorker during his lifetime,” writes Woo, “but it never happened. ‘It seems clearer and clearer to me that his kind of fiction is not what we’re looking for,’ wrote New Yorker fiction editor Roger Angell about Yates’ stories. I suppose you can say something like that when you have literary thoroughbreds like Cheever and Updike in your stable, but to me, it’s a shame that the magazine that supposedly showcases the finest writers of our time missed someone as talented as Yates. When he died in 1992, I was a sophomore in college, oblivious to this writer’s passing. Nine years later, I would start reading Yates, and as I learned to appreciate every word of every sentence, my biggest regret was never being able to meet the man.”

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