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In an essay entitled “A Thousand Words: And You Wonder Where I Learned How to Party?”, TNB Executive Editor Jonathan Evison remembers his beloved grandparents, Owen and Sweetie. “These are my grandparents,” he writes, “Grandma Sweetie and Papa Owen, standing on their porch in Inglewood, not eight blocks from the Forum, where they lived for thirty-odd years. Allegedly, a white picket fence once stood in front of the house. But as far back as I can remember, the white picket fence just sort of laid there. And it wasn’t white. For the last ten years or so, their house had no front door. Don’t ask me why. Just a screen. No lock. This is Inglewood we’re talking about! But nobody ever gave Sweetie and Owen trouble, and I’m pretty sure that had nothing to do with the fact that Papa Owen looked like a juice man for Santa’s mafia.”

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One response to “TNB Hall of Fame: Jonathan Evison”

  1. jonathan evison says:

    . . .i never get tired of that picture of sweetie and owen on the steps, thanks for that, bradley . . .

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