ERIKA RAE: Sex & hairspray

TONY duSHANE: Sex & Satan

SIMON SMITHSON: Sex & physics*

GREG OLEAR: Sex & football

RENO J. ROMERO: Just football

QB vs. QB


STEFAN KIESBYE waxes philosophical.

WILL ENTREKIN surrenders.


J.M. BLAINE : Ambien :: JEFFREY PILLOW: wine

BRAD LISTI on Bigelow and Bridges (Kathryn and Jeff, not Deuce and Nash).

…and the TNB Salinger tribute.

* Really just a foot in his lap.  But read it anyway.

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  1. Greg Olear says:

    It’s a masterwork of color, light, and shape, and I don’t think anyone can deny it’s a helluva painting of a broad on a couch. — E. Buzz Miller

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