IRENE ZION had six children, including a set of identical twin girls.  This story is about her twins.  This is not a funny story.

LENORE ZION is one of the twins.  This story is about her recent visit to the dermatologist.  This is a very funny story.

SLADE HAM is a stand-up comic.  Once, he shared a bill with Dustin Diamond, of Saved by the Bell fame, who is not very funny.  This is also a funny story.

ROB BLOOM and his family once auditioned for Nickelodeon’s “Family Double Dare.” Green slime was involved, because that was big at Nick at the time.  This, too, is a funny story, albeit tinged with tragic elements.

TED McCAGG is our resident cartoonist.  He’s really funny.

QUENBY MOONE is a prophetess of sorts, able to ascertain bad energies of certain couples.  All that’s required for her oracular power is a Pyrex plate and a microwave.  This story is both funny and metaphysically satisfying.

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