DAVID WILLS is the founding editor of Beatdom Magazine, a publication concerning, inspired by, and moving on from the Beat Generation.  Born in Scotland, he now lives in Daegu, South Korea, where he teaches English, owns a small bookstore, travels extensively, and writes dispatches to TNB.

On these hallowed pages, he has regaled us with tales of:




creepy abandoned houses



He has met people who have claimed to be a South Korean superstar; claimed to be the Messiah; claimed to not find it unusual to be cutting hair without wearing pants; and, most memorably, claimed to be cool with canine cuisine.

Oh, and he appears in this promo for TNB’s “On the Road” (fittingly, for the editor of a Beat magazine).

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  1. Marty says:

    David’s work in the beats is an unappreciated field of endeavor. Great to see his writing recognized too.

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