TNBer: Gina Frangello
Gina is the Co-Editor of our Fiction section and author of the acclaimed new story collection Slut Lullabies, which will be published by Emergency Press in June 2010. And you can read her right here on TNB:

*Reflections on what happened when her publisher imploded

*Wondering why Beautiful People have such sucky marriages?

*In which the author’s husband is dubbed the Tommy Lee of TNB.

*In which the author describes her vacation from hell on the Island of Pain.

*In which the author describes her father’s 88 strange, colorful and contradictory years on earth (Part 1 of 3).

*And then her seriously old, half-deaf father wants to know why the hell the neighbors have fake rats in their backyard (Part 2 of 3).

*In some ways, it was like she grew up living across the street from The Sopranos (Part 3 of 3) .

*You can listen to her here, in Cup of TNB – Episode 10

*Her brand new book review column, called New to the Party

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10 responses to “TNB Contributor: Gina Frangello”

  1. Irene Zion says:

    Everyone loves Gina!
    But you should know that she is NOT six feet tall with a deep sexy voice.
    That can be confusing, so, just FYI.

  2. Wow, how random to go on to TNB and find myself all over it this fine afternoon–yikes! Irene is right: I am definitely not 6 feet tall. Just this weekend I was happy to find, in Denver, the lovely Erika Rae as part of the short-girl-club too (Irene and Jessica Anya already members with me, too, though I have to admit I think I am still the shortest among us–any other TNBers out there measuring in under 5’2″?)
    For some reason, everyone seems taller on TNB, that’s my theory. You guys are all statuesque in my mind.

    • Aaron Dietz says:

      Ha–I always picture people as square icons–quite a transition compared to a real-life human. Also, it’s weird when their mouths move and stuff, because I’m pretty much used to the online friends not moving when they talk.

      Lovely to meet you in Denver, Gina. Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you!

  3. I know, ditto, Aaron, I’d have loved to have a chance to spend more time with you at the TNB bash: I was double-booked to read at another event that night, too, but was thrilled to get a chance Friday night to hang out with the TNB-Denver/Boulder contingent at the Hyatt bar. However I’m sure our paths are going to cross plenty since we’re both part of the Emergency Press family now, too. Looking forward to your book!

  4. Back from a self-imposed Internet break to find TNB is everything Gina…… couldn’t be a better day! Looking forward to May!

  5. Gina is coming to Bakersfield on June 5th. There will be a party! Readings! Music! Sexiness! yes!

  6. Nick, you already have the sexiness of Bakersfield covered, but Zoe and I will do our best to up the ante even more.
    Robin, cannot wait to meet you!!! We just made a really fun invitation for the event–I’ll send it your way.

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