TNB Executive Editor Jonathan Evison, author of the award-winning debut novel All About Lulu, makes an appearance on The High Bar with Warren Etheredge. Evison’s next novel, West of Here, due out from Algonquin in February 2011, is one of the most hotly anticipated novels of the coming year. Here, Etheredge and Evison discuss the relevance of the novel, the state of modern publishing, alcohol, storytelling, and more. You can read an excerpt from West of Here right here at TNB. 

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10 responses to “Jonathan Evison on The High Bar with Warren Etheredge

  1. What Evison says of the “discontinuity of modern media” is spot on. The novel is not dead or dying. More and more people have access to books and though more and more are turning to these flashes of media via technology and short attention spans, I believe, in time, more and more people will begin to turn away from this also. There is less pleasure from instant gratification. The answer to the problem is finding a way to tap into the readership. The novel will change, evolve, and indeed adapt to the culture in some ways but not entirely. That’s what readers enjoy most about reading. It is a forest away from the city.

  2. dwoz says:

    You can’t look at the music industry and NOT see the parallels. Music was the canary in the coal mine, books are just a few years back in the schedule.

  3. Way to go, JE. Love that you refused to pander or apologize for the novel. I just finished re-reading Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. I might go back and read through my copy of McKee’s STORY now. I’m looking forward to your novel!

  4. jonathan evison says:

    . . . thanks for the comments, TNBers! . . .

  5. Ben Loory says:

    “one becomes five becomes six… pretty soon you’re up to forty.”


  6. jonathan evison says:

    . . . re: up to forty–it’s gotta’ hurt to be funny, ben . . .

  7. Judy Prince says:

    Jonathon, I love your interviews for your reality-check of core values about novels—as well as your comedic takes and audacious enthusiasm. I’ll totally keep passing along my copy of _All About Lulu_ to friends. That’d take you to 44 or 45, I’m thinking.

  8. jonathan evison says:

    . . . . heck yeah, judy– pretty soon i’m up to 50!!! thanks for spreadin’ the love!

    • Judy Prince says:

      Forgot to say, Jonathon, that YOU, too, should be on the Tonight Show! You’re a total natural literary entertainer.

      And you were right, “sexy” was probably the wrong word.

  9. […] likes to talk.  That much we know.  He’s talked to Ron Currie, Jr.  He’s talked to Warren Etheredge.  He’s talked to publishers (who may or may not listen) and the other guys at 3G1B.  He’s even […]

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