TNB Books is proud to announce that it will be publishing a collection of cartoons by the great Ted McCagg later this fall. Ted’s cartoons appear regularly on The Feed. Here he offers up an animated video presentation called “Improv Drawing #2.” In it, he rapidly combines the following concepts into one truly breathtaking cartoon. Those concepts are: 1.) prom, 2.) Gandhi, 3.) Top Gun, and 4.) snuggie. Please be on the lookout for Ted’s collection later this year. 

Raves Conan O’Brien:  

“Ted McCagg is very, very funny. I wish he could draw better. But he’s very funny.”  

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5 responses to “Ted McCagg Improv Drawing #2”

  1. Greg Olear says:

    I’m with Conan…this is gonna be a great book!

  2. Olive says:

    Gotta love Conan giving Ted props. He is a funny bastard.

  3. Simon Smithson says:

    Feed represent!

  4. Joe Daly says:

    This is fantastic. Can’t wait for the book!

  5. jonathan evison says:

    . . . you go, ted . . . and thanks mr. james p. othmer for sending him our way!

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