Here we are, pulling essays from a shelf.  Somehow we managed to squeeze out yet another volume of TNB’s Greatest Hits.  Tempted to read these fine pieces, perhaps in bed, with black coffee?  You should be.  Let’s face it: if you didn’t love us, you’d hate us.

These writers swear like ask your father and they’re very cool for cats:

RONLYN DOMINGUE spends time on death row.

SIMON SMITHSON gets physical.


SLADE HAM discovers that Diamonds are forever.

KIMBERLY M. WETHERELL goes retro-dating.

STEVE SPARSHOTT is ironic. Don’t you think?

SUMMER BLOCK locates the last apartment in Paris.

LISA RAE CUNNINGHAM inherits the earth, among other things.

STEVE ALMOND has some choice words for…Steve Almond.

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  1. Slade Ham says:


    I shouldn’t know that, btw.

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