A look at the latest contributors at The Nervous Breakdown:

Stranger in a strange land: SABINE HEINLEIN comes to us from Bavaria by way of New York, although her first piece is about Kentucky.

Finnish what you started: CHRISTOPHER RYAN lives and writes in (and in his first offering, about) Helsinki, Finland.

Rock down to Progressive Avenue: ERIC BEENY hails from Buffalo, New York, where he has mastered the ability to solve a Rubik’s Cube in under two minutes.

Failure to yield: LEE HOUCK is from Chattanooga, Tennessee, but now calls Brooklyn home.  His work with the Circus Amok suggests that he, like said circus, is “fearless, funny, funky, and fundamentally subversive.”

Los Angeles Laker: J. RYAN STRADAL, like L.A.’s primary pro hoops squad, has roots in Minnesota, but now lives where it snows far less often.  He has trouble, among other things, loading an AK-47 with Rambo-like speed.

In the flesh: RACHEL KRAMER BUSSEL is from New York.  A prolific (and sometime vulnerable) writer, she is an editor of numerous anthologies of erotica and of Penthouse Variations.  She has a cupcake fetish.

All in the family: YOUR MOTHER does not work here.

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