JOE DALY: erstwhile lawyer, marathon runner, yoga guy, music man.Β  Loves Bruce Campbell…but not the Beatles.

He can tell you which records from 2010 to go to the store and buy (or download on iTunes), and which rock biographies are worth perusing, and why supergroups so rarely live up to the hype.

You may recognize him as a member of Dutch Oven, once known as The Fuhrman Tapes…but probably not.

He went toe-to-toe with Sean Beaudoin, and copped to being “the Hootie of TNB” (we don’t agree; he’s much more Angus Young).

He also went to Scotland, where our resident attorney took a crash course in Murphy’s Law.

And he was in Ohio — maybe Cleveland, maybe Cincinnati; he’s not sure — when he lost his briefs.Β  In a manner of speaking.

There once was a time when he couldn’t string fifty words together, but we’re pleased to report that this is no longer the case.

In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Joe Daly rocks!


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35 responses to “Featuring…Joe Daly”

  1. Richard Cox says:

    Joe Daly and Sean Beaudoin in successive weeks. As it should be.

    Joe Daly rocks for many reasons, not the least of which is he turned me on to Dead Confederate. And he writes pretty well, too.

    And…must resist…

    • Joe Daly says:

      Actually did laugh out loud at that last comment. Your restraint could be bottled and its energy used to propel a spaceship to and from the next galaxy.

      Great to have a brother in lit and music in you. Looking forward to LA in three weeks!

      • Dude, did we really go toe to toe? That seems like another lifetime, doesn’t it? Anyway, you pass my one and only Excellence test with flying colors: owning a true appreciation for Bruce Campbell. Seriously, it’s great to see you get some very well deserved billing up around these parts. It almost makes me think you’ve got the Next Great Rock Book almost ready to drop. The competition, no doubt, quakes.

        • Joe Daly says:

          Thanks, man! Yes, Bruce Campbell is a jewel to be treasured by all of humanity. Even his rent paying work in Burn Notice is head and shoulders above anything Hanks has ever done.

          Five years from now, we need to go toe-to-toe again, but you have to promise to bring the Sean Beaudoin you brought to your self-interview. I need to see the pirate shirt.

  2. Gloria says:

    Joe is my go-to guy for all things music – his passion for it is unmatched. (Except for by Sean. And probably Art.) Joe writes really well and is funny on top of it. I’m always super excited to see a new post from him.

    And, on top of it all, he’s a tremendously nice human.

    • Joe Daly says:


      Thanks a bunch. You’re no slouch in the Passionate Music Fan Department yourself. LOVE my CB holiday mix. Stoked to be able to swap stories and songs with you.

  3. Zara Potts says:

    Awwww Cupcake! Look at you!
    I agree with all of the above.. And I’m so impressed at Richrob’s self restraint.
    Joe Daly -you rock.

    • Joe Daly says:

      Pookie! Aw, thanks. I couldn’t rock the northern hemisphere without you rocking it hard down in the southern half. Get thee safely to California- can’t wait to see you this summer!

      Yeah, how about Coxy’s restraint? Someday we’re going to see a NatGeo special on it.

  4. Lisa Rae Cunningham says:

    You rock so much harder than Hootie, JD.

  5. Simon Smithson says:

    I felt a disturbance in the Force… almost as if somewhere, someplace, there had been an explosion of pimping of a magnitude undreamed of except, perhaps, by sleeping Leviathan in the ocean deep..

    The name of this explosion?

    A whisper on the aftershocks…

    Joe Daly…

    • Joe Daly says:

      I’m just counting the days until we rejoin our pimping powers for the greater good of humanity. Or at least for a really fun evening in Southern California.

      Thanks for being a solar-sized reminder that with a keyboard, some frequent flyer miles, and some bitchin’ tunes, one man can harness the Universe.

  6. Karen says:

    From the little bit I know of Joe Daly in person and the greater bit I know of him in prose, I agree… Joe Daly rocks!! His dogloverness also adds to his rockability (I was going to say rockhardness, but that didn’t sound quite right coming from a mere acquaintance like me).

    On another note, I request that Richrob be unrestrained.

  7. Erika Rae says:

    One of the most memorable posts ever was that one with you and Sean going “toe to toe”. It was the first time I realized how badly I would love to just sit at the table and listen to the two of you jaw. TNB dreams…

    And Richrob needs no encouragement.

    • Joe Daly says:


      Our toe-to-toedom would only be enhanced by you sitting at the table, in your luxuriant new Henry Miller recliner. Wait- does he make recliners? it would seem a savvy play on his part…

      Thanks for the note and for your support in the Coxy encouragement arena!

  8. Lili Zafar says:

    Hi Joe,
    Fantastic articles. I had not idea that you are so intelligent. Lol Kidding you.
    I am so proud of you my friend. Keep up the great work.

  9. pixy says:

    joedaly: you will always be my zen master awesome. and rock god enthusiast. and so many other things. i’m super glad that you’re here and writing. if it weren’t for you, i wouldn’t have gotten to see the radness that was last night’s TNB litexperience! and meet gloria! and meet meg! and see g is for gangsta and art and quenby and james all of whom i didn’t meet because i was skeered and feeling assy. πŸ™‚

    • Joe Daly says:


      I’m dying to hear about the TNB lit experience! How was it? You met Gloria and Meg? Super rad. I simply demand lots of deets.

      Thanks for rocking hard and humping gravestones. You inspire all the parts of me that need inspiration.

      • pixy says:

        it was awesome possum. gloria hugs like the strongest madwoman ever (in a fantastic way) and it made me feel loved and meg is so put together and elegant that my mind can’t even fathom that she was in federal prison… except for that lonely tear tattoo right by her eye. everyone read like a superstar and was funny or touching or whatever they were meaning to be. no one passed out from perceived stage fright, so no falling from bars.

        i think my favorite thing about your responding to my comments is that you often mention my humping of gravestones. as though we’re both waiting for someone else to notice that you’re talking to and know someone who… humps gravestones. i kind of like that it seems like old hat around here and not something to be shunt. i miss your face joe daly! i miss your face.

  10. Yes, Joe Daly rocks! And marathons??? I can’t even run to the donut store.

    • Joe Daly says:

      Thanks, Nick! To be fair, I haven’t run a marathon in a long, long time. The silly decisions we make in our younger years. A leisurely constitutional to the donut shop is far more alluring to me these days. πŸ™‚

  11. Matt says:

    Once upon a time I was the only representative San Diego had on these pages. Glad to be sharing space with such august company.

    Rock on, broheim.

    >>>>throws devil horns in the air, headbangs<<<<

    • Joe Daly says:


      Thanks for breaking the Southern Wall and forging a space for San Diegans to partake in the glory and madness that is TNB. I’m honored to share the town with you and look forward to catching up again in 2011. \m/

  12. Irene Zion says:

    Joe Daly,
    You make me laugh till I cry!
    I love to read your stories!
    Get writing!

    • Joe Daly says:

      ): .hcum os ylimaf BNT ym yojne I yhw dna woh em dednimer tI .ti gnidaer deyojne I dna rorrim yM !llew sa drac yadiloh taerg eht rof sknaht ynam ,ynaM .troppus dna stnemmoc ruoy fo lla rof sknahT


  13. Yep. Joe Daly is sporks and spoodles cranked up to 11 with Bon Scott on top.

    You’re totally in the band, Joe.

    • Joe Daly says:

      You know I love when you riff on Bon Scott!

      Thanks, MMD. Between your patience with my podcast efforts and your YouTube intervention for my Supergroups piece, I quite literally could not do it without you.

      Rock on, sister!

  14. Irene Zion says:

    .eoJ, stbuod on evah lliw yeht won ,yttun tahwemos era uoy taht kniht ydaerla elpoep taht wonk uoY

  15. Laurie Hanna says:

    Joe is the perfect picture of dog loving, music rocking, world traveling, yoga contorting, story writing, belly laughing class! I’ve never read a story written by him that didn’t make me smile till my jaw hurt, or hear a music mix that he compiled that I didn’t like… Keep on keepin’ on and give the girls some scratchies from blonde dog! ;^)

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