J.E. FISHMAN is an erstwhile literary agent and editor turned writer and publisher.  He’s the author of a thriller, Primacy, and the detective novel Cadaver Blues, the first serial novel to appear on these pages.  He’s also not the worst tennis player in the world (that’s a backhand compliment!).

At TNB, he has been a prescient publishing pundit, contributing a slew of must-read pieces about the industry, namely:

15 predictions for the future of books (hint: he’s not a book fetishist)

8 predictions for the future of book-selling (i.e, Books Without Borders)

10 mistakes big publishers make

10 crazy practices of the world of books

12 common misconceptions about publishing

He thinks that the current business model is unsustainable, and that big publishers, like Darwinian creatures, must adapt or die.  (Same thing for whoever decides what makes the book review pages of The New York Times).  He also is concerned that global warming has made a hell of heaven.

And he not only has the scoop on the publishing industry; he also has the skinny on the fat man in the red suit, Santa Claus.


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2 responses to “Featuring…J.E. Fishman”

  1. Zara says:

    J.E Fishman – it’s good to see you featured here. Your pieces are always hugely informative and thought provoking.
    All that AND good at tennis!!! 🙂

  2. Irene Zion says:

    Hey Fishman,

    We all wish you good luck with your enterprise.
    I think it will succeed because you are:
    1. a good writer
    2. driven
    See? All you need to prosper.

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