Les Stroud tells his Best Story Ever, the one about being stalked by a 1,500-lb. bull moose. Stroud, the star of the Discovery Channel’s Survivorman, has earned fame for willingly agreeing to be dropped in deserted wilderness locations, left to fend for himself with no food, fresh water, shelter, or matches. His film career began in the 1980s as a music video producer for MuchMusic, a Canadian channel. He later left the job and, after time spent as a river guide, wound up living in the remote boreal forest of northern Ontario with his life partner, Sue Jamison. (They lived as if it were 500 years ago — no matches, no metal and no tent — just a stone axe and their knowledge of traditional bush survival.) With custom camera rigs and plenty of black humor, Survivorman features Stroud battling to beat the elements in nine separate locations. Whether marooned on a tropical shoreline or deposited onto searing desert sands, he takes living off the land to the extreme.

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