BRUCE DESILVA worked as a journalist for 40 years before retiring to write crime novels. Stories edited by DeSilva have won virtually every major journalism prize including the Polk Award (twice), the Livingston (twice), the ASNE, and the Batten Medal. And now his first novel, Rogue Island, has won the Edgar Award.

On these pages, he writes about mystery novels.  Drawing on his years of experience as a journalist, he’s done what most of us cannot hope to do — score interviews with dead writers. He sat down with Fletch author Gregory McDonald, and taught us a thing or two. He spoke with the late, great Robert B. Parker about all things hard-boiled.

How did his crime novelist life begin?  It all started with a bird.  A falcon, to be precise.  From Malta.  A dog was also prominently involved.  Then, he soaked up knowledge from Thomas H. Cook, who taught him that “Whodunnit?” is not the most important question to ask.  And then there was the note of encouragement from Evan Hunter, better known by his pen name, Ed McBain.

And just 14 short years later, Rogue Island was born (as he told TNB senior editor Greg Olear).

Congratulations, Bruce, on the award!


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5 responses to “Featuring…Bruce DeSilva”

  1. Ginger Denneny says:

    Amazing accomplishments Bruce. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. What better place to stage a mystery than Providence, which has many of us baffled!!! Looking forward to getting to the book store to get a copy. The anticipation alone is an energy booster.

    Keep at it,

  2. Thanks, Ginger. I tried to make Providence not just the setting but something akin to a main character. It’s a strange and wonderful place.

  3. Elaine Ash says:

    Bruce DeSilva news and photos at the Edgar Awards: http://www.ashedit.wordpress.com

  4. Great news on the Edgar, Bruce. Very happy for you.

  5. Joe Daly says:

    Congrats, Bruce! Well done.

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