CYNTHIA HAWKINS has acquired much of her knowledge from movies, including how to tango, how to take someone down with a ballpoint pen, how to curse in French, how to catch a moving train, how to dress for breakfast (see above), and how to tell Emilio Estevez apart from his brother.

She often writes about the cinema, hipping us on which new Westerns are worth seeing, which films you should check out on Halloween, and what you should watch instead of Charlie St. Cloud (other than, you know, anything).

She’s written critical essays on Inception, Please Give, the Robert Duvall effect, the Academy Award nominees for Best Soundtrack, the movie formerly known as Avatar, and her own critical essay on the movie formerly known as Avatar.

She’s had in-depth conversations with Simon Smithson on The Expendables and Gloria Harrison on Tron.

She schooled her husband — and us — on how to read a movie trailer (hint: Gerard Butler = bad).

And she has a record collection that gives new meaning to the word “eclectic.”


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36 responses to “Featuring…Cynthia Hawkins”

  1. Gloria says:

    It’s Cynthia! It’s Cynthia! Woooo!

    Cynthia is to movies as Joe Daly is to music. Totally rad.

  2. dwoz says:

    …and in addition to all that amazing writing stuff, she’s rather easy on the eyes…

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    I guess it proves that you don’t HAVE to be a shabby old geezer that doesn’t even own a razor that smokes too much whiskey and pisses ennui to be a good writer!

  3. Irene Zion says:

    Hey, Look at you, Cynthia!
    You’ve got yourself a huge big square!
    Well-deserved, that’s what I’d say, uh huh!

  4. And, aside from her wonderful writing, Cynthia has got to be the coolest looking girl on TNB!

  5. Dennis says:

    So proud of you! You began your story telling when you were around three:) Glad your audience has grown.

  6. Art Edwards says:

    It’s funny, but I feel like I learn so much about language in your pieces. How to talk about movies, what words convey the things in movies I don’t think to apply words to, etc. Cynthia’s one of my favs!


  7. lisa rae cunningham says:

    My go-to girl for movie advice and the fairy godmother of classy commentary, Cynthia Hawkins, you are quite a lady. Xo

  8. Joe Daly says:

    When I need a fresh take on an old movie or some insight into crafts of the silver screen, I can always count on Cynthia to deliver the goods. Congrats and well done, CH!

  9. I’ve always loved this picture of you Cynthia… even more so now that I realize you’re holding a pixie stick…

  10. James D. Irwin says:

    I mentally cheered when I saw this.

    If it wasn’t 2am, and I wasn’t staying at my parents I would have cheered mentally…

  11. Ronlyn Domingue says:

    Lookit you! Congratulations on the spotlight!

  12. Zara Potts says:

    Simply lovely! 🙂

  13. Richard Cox says:

    It’s the one, the only…Cynthia Hawkins! One of my favorite TNB peeps. And fellow Black Swan devotee.

    AND creator of the world’s best Catsio home video.

  14. Matt says:

    And in addition to all this, sews an AWESOME Zombie Chicken!

  15. Well deserved for the woman who single-handedly carries on the Tallulah Bankhead tradition so lacking here, through the sheer power of the throwback gravatar.

  16. Simon Smithson says:

    Hey, so, Expendables 2 – we’re on that, right?

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