Due out from TNB Books.  End of summer.  Get ready.

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17 responses to “First look: My Dead Pets Are Interesting, by Lenore Zion”

  1. Simon Smithson says:

    I don’t know, man… it doesn’t look like that book guarantees a very good time. That chick looks like she just busted her boyfriend making out with her pet cat.

  2. Joe Daly says:

    I would be afraid not to buy that book. And I’m a stone cold animal loving vegetarian.

  3. Well, my day just got a little more awesome.

    Is it summer yet…?

  4. Zara Potts says:

    Yipppeeeeeeeee!!! Happy now.

  5. Art Edwards says:

    Awesome, Lenore.

    Time to kick ass, take names, and put the other suckas to shame.

  6. jmblaine says:

    best author

  7. jmblaine says:

    you heard me.

  8. Stefan Kiesbye says:


  9. pixy says:

    is there still time to put that photo on the book jacket? because THAT shiz will sell books!

  10. So excited! You’ll come do events in Chicago, right?

  11. Irene Zion says:

    Love the picture, Lenore.
    Do wish you’d zip up the pockets on that purse, though.

  12. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I can’t wait! DELICIOUS LENORE-Y GOODNESS.

  13. Stacy Bierlein says:

    I love this photo and I love your mom’s concern for an unzipped purse. Excellent all around! xx

  14. Tom Hansen says:


  15. Jessica Blau says:

    Yowza! Can’t wait to read it!