This week, D.R. HANEY selects a few memorable pieces from the TNB archives:


Gina Frangello’s father fails to see the point of fake rats

Irene Zion’s mother tells lies at her own funeral

Justin Benton sends a potato masher to a porn star

Sean Beaudoin receives a bag of fingernails in the mail

Jessica Anya Blau’s neighbor is a gay (straight?) prostitute (drug dealer?)

David S. Wills meets a scary messiah

Tyler Stoddard Smith robs Jim Morrison’s grave

Robin Antalek sees ghosts

Alexander Maksik writes a love letter

Slade Ham fights crime in a tree house

Greg Olear isn’t perfect

Ben Loory isn’t crazy

Zara Potts reclaims an ugly word



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2 responses to “D.R. Haney Presents…”

  1. Zara Potts says:

    What superb taste you have, Mr. Haney.

  2. Gloria says:

    Thanks, Duke. You’ve drawn out a few things I haven’t read yet. It’s so hard to get to anything. And, of course, I’ll take any recommendation you make. XO

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