MARY RICHERT just posted on your Wall.

NAT MISSILDINE submits his Facebook returns.

ZOE ZOLBROD‘s mom is on Facebook.

BRIN-JONATHAN BUTLER swims around the Facebook fishbowl.


GREGORY LEVEY has almost four and a half million fans.

UCHE OGBUJI weighs in on Leavey’s fan base.

QUENBY MOONE establishes some privacy setting ground rules.

ELIZABETH COLLINS is over Facebook.

JUSTIN BENTON disappears completely.

VICTORIA PATTERSON follows his lead.

CLAIRE CAMERON waxes poetic with Mark Zuckerberg.


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One response to “We Like Facebook.”

  1. megan says:

    Don’t forget n+1’s “The Accidental Bricoleurs,” about the co-opting of labor (it seems on its face like it’s a piece about Forever 21 doing the same with its designs but it’s really about Facebook)

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