This week, TNB contributor and resident Payne killer SEAN BEAUDOIN serves up a list of his favorite pieces:

D.R. Haney’s sardonic primer on how (or at least why) to fuck writing and get into retail.

Hank Cherry’s testimonial to the beautiful doom of James Carr.

Leslie Jamison’s Tom Drury-esque tale of embracing the Mid if not the West.

Joe Daly’s vaunted de-Matthews-izing, which has, over time, asserted itself as the moral compass for TNB.

Peter Schwartz’ genuinely excellent balls-out poem.

David S. Wills’ informative and hilarious paean to Korean trash-pop.

Sappho of Lesbos writes better than you do.

Marni Grossman Sleeps With Danger, wakes up, does it again.

Tom Hansen steps on the heart of Seattle.

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3 responses to “Sean Beaudoin Presents…”

  1. Joe Daly says:

    Thanks, man. Just when the Dave Matthews fan club had stopped assailing me…

  2. D.R. Haney says:

    I’m honored to be here, in fine company.

    Hank, were you at Stories bookstore on Sunday? Word travels fast…

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