who am i? 


Here are the rules.  And here is the “Who Am I” excerpt of the week:


I’m advocating an affirmative belief in the reality of transcendental knowledge, and therefore would like the opportunity to officially describe myself as a ‘Gnostic’. 

Intellectual fascists insist that the point we’re at now in the progression of knowledge and ‘reason’ is the be-all and end-all of the development of mankind—claiming exclusive hold over the legacy of the Enlightenment, and steadfastly turning away from the fact that their burgeoning ‘movement’ is being used to legitimise ‘corporate’ leakage into the realm of thought—as if the colonisation of every other literal and metaphorical space of modern life wasn’t enough. 

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Last week: the British romantic novelist Daphne Du Maurier, grand-daughter of Trilby‘s George Du Maurier and author of Rebecca and the short stories on which two other Alfred Hitchcock films are based.


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  1. Moon Pie says:

    e.e. cummings, one of my favorites. If you’ve not had an opportunity yet, the slim volume of Erotic Poems and Drawings is amazing!

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