Here are the rules.  And here is the excerpt of the week:


When my first book came out, I had no idea that so much of writing has nothing to do with actually writing. At least in terms of trying to get a book on shelves and have it stay there for a while. I learned that lesson hard. How do I feel about promo now? It still leeches away one or more of my essential vitamins. Asking people for favors, even if that favor is just giving my book a little attention, fills me with existential dread. But, unfortunately, you have to get your title into the buying-realm somehow, or they won’t let you put out another book. Also, your parents will be disappointed. My ultimate hope is to miraculously sell enough so that I can transition into not giving a shit about my Twitter follower total (a staggering 150). In the meantime, you sort of have to flog Facebook, ask friends to write Amazon reviews, do self-interviews, and generally act in a manner that is diametrically opposed to The Four Pillars of Writing–solitude, independence, intellectual rigor, and a complete disregard for public opinion.



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last week: seminal hipster poet e.e. cummings, whose lifelong struggle against capital letters continues to this day.

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5 responses to “Who Am I — 090311”

  1. Gloria says:

    Sean is a gentleman and a fine, fine writer. I’m so glad he’s featured here.

  2. Quenby Moone says:

    I totally forgot this Best. Interview. Ever. It’s such a good one. I’m going to hire Sean to interview me, just because. Not because I’ve done anything, not because I have a book, just because.

  3. Louisa May Alcott! Louisa May Alcott!

    • Becky Palapala says:

      The hair gives her away.

      It stood out (literally and otherwise) even when I was 7 years old playing the “Authors” card game with my grandmother.

      • Gloria says:

        Crazy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of her. And I’m even in the middle of reading Little House in the Big Woods with the boys and I couldn’t place it. I’m really bad at this game.

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