Here are the rules. Here is the excerpt of the week:

“Mom, I want to have my fourteenth birthday party at the Twisted Kilt.”

“No, son.”

“Ah, man. Why not? Miles had his party there. You never let me do anything. Everyone has a bigger TV than us. I hate this family!”

“I don’t approve of businesses that train scantily clad young women of a very specific aesthetic type to offer sexual innuendo as they serve burgers. I believe this contributes to a climate of sexism—even to a culture of sexual violence. And although I know sexuality has been part of the marketplace since forever, I really think, as a young person, you should develop your own sexuality and discover that of others in a more organic, more egalitarian, less pre-packaged fashion.”

“Does that mean I should hide my search history when I look at porn on the computer?”

[Who am I? Read more and find out!]

Last week: Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women and also some pseudonymous erotica.

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  1. Nathaniel Missildine says:

    This face has been bothering me all week, but I finally figured it out: Chaucer.

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