This week on the Otherppl with Brad Listi podcast, a conversation with Tom McAllister . His debut novel The Young Widower’s Handbook is available now from Algonquin Books. It is the official January pick of The Nervous Breakdown Book Club.

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One response to “Episode 450 — Tom McAllister”

  1. This was one of my personal favorite interviews on the show to date. Let’s talk about happy stories. “Well, I’m writing a novel about a school shooting…”

    Also, this dude looks so much like my cousin Corbin it’s ridiculous. I think I’m going to call my cousin Corbin and tell him to attempt a few author readings of “The Young Widower’s Handbook” at the local Barnes and Noble and see what happens. When I see the author photo, I just want to scream, “You lie. I know your real name, Tom. I came to visit you at the hospital the day you were born… Tom.”

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