Recent Work By Christian Tebordo

Postcards I sent home when we were last on vacation together so that you would have something to look forward to on our return.



I booked this trip with the Endless Travel Agency because you said getting there was half the fun. How much more fun, I thought, when getting there takes so much longer than necessary?

The three hour layover in Zembla alone added two weeks and seven pages to our itinerary, but think of all the culture we’ve absorbed in the airports these last months. Who knew they had Sbarro in Shangri-la?

I’m watching you sleep as I write this. You look beautiful, even though you haven’t bathed since Xanadu.

Tomorrow, you will awaken with a chloroform headache. I’m sorry, My Love, but what’s one more flight delayed?

Who are you?

There should be a bio here somewhere.