Recent Work By Jami Attenberg

Chapter Two


MY CELL PHONE RANG next to my head and woke me up early.  I was miserable, my head swollen with alcohol, the spot behind my eyes tender and on fire. I checked the phone.  It was a video from my sister Jenny.  She was standing sideways in front of a mirror, her stomach puffed out, completely pregnant.  My heart stopped right there in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Then she pulled out a pillow, showing me the little bump left behind, and started laughing.

What’s up with you and Nebraska?  Your new novel, The Melting Season, takes place there, but you live in Brooklyn, NY.

Have you ever been to Nebraska?  It’s kind of special.  They have an aquifer underneath the state, and really amazing thrift stores, and corn and cows and the skies look gorgeous after a summer storm. Holy shit, they have some great peaches in the summertime.  Omaha is a fun town, too, if you’re looking for a little city fun.  Oh, and the people are great: kind, and funny, and a little dry in the exact right way.  I was there for a few months four years ago and I just fell in love with it.  Enough so that I felt compelled to write a book set there.