Recent Work By Jesse Jordan

How do I unlock my iPhone?

I don’t know. I’m sorry. I tried to look it up for you but there’s just too much technical information out there and sometimes it gets really overwhelming. I gave up.

But, if you’re interested, I do have a novel coming out. It’s called Gospel Hollow. It’s about a man named Tommy Hull, who’s a 26-year-old bartender self-medicating his debilitating panic attacks with booze and Xanax. When Tommy was 11 years old, his mother put he and his brother, Henry, to bed one night, kissed them on their heads, and went downstairs.

She has not been seen since.

The Night Before


My brother Henry gets out of prison tomorrow. He called to say that he’s supposed to be released somewhere around nine in the morning, but he couldn’t know the time for sure. Sometimes they let you out an hour or two early, sometimes an hour or two late. That’s what he said, at least. He got angry toward the end of the call, ranting about how they had no respect for anyone’s time, and he said he expected them to treat the cons that way, but what about the people picking them up? As if just knowing a con meant you didn’t deserve respect either?

I told him I didn’t know.