Recent Work By Myfanwy Collins

Renee felt the coming rush of customers like Harley motors thrumming down the highway. It was 4:30 when she and Rick took over from the early shift at Titty’s Bar and Grille and got ready for the long night ahead. They were partners in everything, she and Rick, and had been for going on two years, which is why Jimmy Titty wanted the two of them behind the bar of his establishment. “Y’all’ve got my back,” he said on more than one occasion. “I know y’all do.” And sure they did, but that didn’t mean that every once in a while some cash didn’t get slipped into a pocket instead of a register or that a bottle of beer didn’t get opened and drunk and never paid for.

You have gone on record saying you’re a big fan of television. That’s odd for a writer, no? Shouldn’t you be reading?

My childhood was not idyllic and while I very much found solace and escape in books, I also found it in television.  I try to read before bed every night. But television, yes, I do watch it.