sometimes i go places

sometimes i feel strange

like a calculator

a T-83 input, variables, output

a battery life


i feel so small

that i look at my finger

and can only think about it being

in a universe

i’m bored


purpose is the temporary relief of boredom

boredom is the bed you return to after your

day is over

i will drive to the ocean

the past will be a form of energy

the present will be the road i drive on

it will lead me to outer space

i will float away



BRANDON SCOTT GORRELL(b. 1984) is the author of a poetry book, during my nervous breakdown i want to have a biographer present (Muumuu House, 2009), an e-book, nervous assface (Bear Parade, 2009), and another e-book, alienated afraid of furniture in bedroom (Lamination Colony, 2008). He has appeared in Nylon Magazine, The Stranger, and other places. He has a blog, a Twitter, a Facebook, a Tumblr, and a Flickr.

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