How I Became Human, a mini-documentary about D.R. Haney, author of SUBVERSIA, the rippingly good new nonfiction collection from TNB Books, now available in print, e-book, and (coming soon!) audio book formats.

How I Became Human was directed and edited by Timothy Murray.

Buy a copy of SUBVERSIA at:

Powell’s (Print)

Amazon (Print & Kindle editions)

Barnes & Noble (Print & Nook editions)

**Please note that the iBook version of SUBVERSIA (coming soon) will include How I Became Human in its backmatter — similar to a “DVD extra.” You can read the iBook edition, then watch the documentary on your iPhone or iPad!

Special thanks to Hukilau for their help in design, programming, and distribution of all digital editions.

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BRAD LISTI is the founder of The Nervous Breakdown and the author of a novel called Attention. Deficit. Disorder.  His latest book, Board, co-authored by Justin Benton, is now available in trade paperback and e-book editions from TNB Books. He is also the host of Otherppl wth Brad Listi, a weekly podcast featuring in-depth interviews with today's leading authors. For updates, follow the show @otherppl on Twitter. You can find him online at and Twitter

4 responses to “How I Became Human – Directed by Timothy Murray”

  1. Art Edwards says:

    Wow, what a lovely piece. The magic is working here, boys. Congrats.

  2. Very well put together. I have to admit, Duke’s got one heck of a presence in front of a camera. And for the record, back when I was a youngster, some of the series’ Duke wrote for Skinemax (whether he hates them now or not), I used to watch. Never would have guessed, I’d virtually meet the writer one day.

    • D.R. Haney says:

      Occasionally, I’ve had others say what you do about Skinemax, Jeffrey. They were just jobs to me, and they were never meant to become part of my official resume, but I foolishly put my name on the shows, thinking no one would ever know or care.

      But I’ve said all that before, and I’m glad you got something out of them. I suppose, for me, the equivalent would be meeting someone at Playboy who’d shot a centerfold I’d, well, admired as a kid. In fact, I met one of those centerfolds, who was dating an acquaintance, and she was nice enough, though obsessed with money and prone to entering “sexy” mode whenever a camera appeared. I also “met” another centerfold when she responded to a remark I’d made about her on the TNB boards — but that’s a story covered in Subversia.

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