I am a wild woman
Greñuda woman
Shut your lips type of woman
Dance on table tops kind of woman
I am made from my grandmother’s stubborn rib
And my great grandmother’s had-too-much-to-drink liver
Made from the dirt on the faces of children at play
And from the sweat of my father
Working underneath a summer sun
I am a wild woman
Uncensored kind of woman
A “You don’t like me? You can leave” sort of woman
Don’t need your permission kind of woman
As a matter of fact, I make the rules type woman
I am a warrior doll woman
But a treat others with kindness woman
I am a “Loose Lipped” woman
Word vomit woman
Hair flying
Wild With The Wind woman
Scares the men away woman
Made from the hands that patty-cake masa into tamales
Made from hooves of horses
And my mother’s soles dancing, tap tap, for the universe
I am
A wild woman

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BRIANA MUNOZ is a writer from San Diego, CA. now living in Los Angeles, CA. Her poetry and short stories have been published in four editions of the Bravura Literary Journal. In the 2016 publication of the Bravura, she was awarded the second-place fiction prize. She has been published in LA BLOGA, an online publication, the Poets Responding page and in the Oakland Arts Review. Her poem “Rebirth” was featured in the Reproductive Health edition of the St. Sucia zine, a publication dedicated to “Exposing What It Is To Be A Mujer”. Briana’s work was one of ten chosen for “The Best of LABLOGA” from 2015. One of her prouder writing accomplishments is being able to have been part of the 2017 U.S. delegation attending the international poetry festival of Havana. In March of 2018, she presented her poetry at the 21st international Spanish literature and studies conference in Quito, Ecuador. Briana is excited to continue sharing her poetry in print and spoken form. When she isn't typing away, she enjoys traveling, live music, cats, and thrift stores.

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