Below are links to all sixty episodes of Bud Smith’s Good Luck serial.


Butterfly – Episode Negative One
Popsicle – Episode One
Turkey Baby – Episode Two
Elegy – Episode Three
First Memory – Episode Four
Cults – Episode Five
Playboys – Episode Six
Oblique Strategies – Episode Seven
Blue Skies – Episode Eight
Dreams – Episode Nine
Melissa – Episode Ten
Bullfrog – Episode Eleven
Grasshopper – Episode Twelve
Art – Episode Thirteen
Little Guy – Episode Fourteen
Suicide in Bed – Episode Fifteen
Salad – Episode Sixteen
Block – Episode Seventeen
Rewrite – Episode Eighteen
Eggshells – Episode Nineteen
Birds – Episode Twenty
(and Durak) – Episode Twenty-One
Fish Hook – Episode Twenty-Two
Alcoholics – Episode Twenty-Three [Hobart]
Jane – Episode Twenty-Four
Trees – Episode Twenty-Five
William and Me – Episode Twenty-Six
After Death Valley – Episode Twenty-Seven
Beach Boys – Episode Twenty-Eight
Claudius Jr. – Episode Twenty-Nine
Mystery – Episode Thirty
A Cloud – Episode Thirty-One
Two Cats – Episode Thirty-Two
Salt and Pepper – Episode Thirty-Three
Friends – Episode Thirty-Four
Dear Thunderclap – Episode Thirty-Five
How to Write a Story – Episode Thirty-Six
Survival – Episode Thirty-Seven
Q & A – Episode Thirty-Eight
QQ & AA – Episode Thirty-Nine
Memory House – Episode Forty
Call For Submissions – Episode Forty-One
Cul-de-sac – Episode Forty-Two
Good Luck – Episode Forty-Three
Death – Episode Forty-Four
Blank – Episode Forty-Five
The Editor – Episode Forty-Six
Self – Episode Forty-Seven
Control – Episode Forty-Eight
Sorry Party – Episode Forty-Nine
Red Sky – Episode Fifty
Eviction – Episode Fifty-One
Rewilding – Episode Fifty-Two
Quiz – Episode Fifty-Three
Trying – Episode Fifty-Four
Directions – Episode Fifty-Five
Bleeding & Laughing – Episode Fifty-Six
Arrows – Episode Fifty-Seven
Budwulf – Episode Fifty-Eight
Last Memories – Episode Fifty-Nine
Demolition – Episode Sixty



BUD SMITH lives in Jersey City and works construction. He is the author of the novel Teenager (Vintage, 2022), among others.

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