By Brittany Wallace


when you make
that face
at me, with
your eyes
squinted, looking
ferocious, baring
your teeth,
my lungs
repel each other
like the negatives
of two magnets
so i inhale
and growl
with the most positive
of intentions


BRITTANY WALLACE (b. 1987) is a university student and grocery store cashier. She is a fashion major attending Kent State University in Ohio. She is embarrassed to be a fashion major, but it's only because she had no real ambitions in life, until one day she decided she was going to teach English to children in Hong Kong. Sometimes instead of going to class she drinks beer, bites her nails, and talks to her cat. Brittany Wallace has had poems published in WTF PWM, Disenthralled, and SpokenWar, as well as an e-book, daylight arrives like a brick through my window, at Pangur Ban Party. You can find her blog on blogspot.

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