I published my first book, 49 Venezuelan Novels (Bottlecap Press), about two years ago. Here is an audio commentary of the book done by me. For the optimal experience, download the video off YouTube and burn the video onto a DVD-R. Mark the DVD-R as “The DVD Commentary of 49 Venezuelan Novels Deluxe Edition” with a black Sharpie. Slide the disc into a DVD player. Make sure you’re watching this on a CRT television—no flat screen TVs allowed, though a CRT flat screen is acceptable (in fact, I used to have one). Make sure to watch it with only one other friend. Hopefully they are a friend. Thank you for your time.


If you enjoy the commentary, you may purchase the book here.


Interesting commentary on the minimalist poetry of TNB contributor Aram Saroyan:


These interviews were conducted for the feature documentary, An Escort’s Journal, by Jeff Ragsdale.

An interview from An Escort’s Journal, a documentary film, produced and directed by Jeff Ragsdale.

The trailer for Every Love Story is a Ghost Story (Viking), the new biography of the late David Foster Wallace, by D.T. Max.


Coming soon from TNB Books. Stay tuned…


A conversation with the author of selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee.