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So you’re intent on devouring the sins
Of the plundering country

That murdered your pedestrian sons,
Your seldom-cop-safe children,

That tore the defiant music
From your paragon chest, the inmost

Prayer from your winter-cracked
Yet rancor-less lips—

Exorcist, it won’t be easy!
Sin-eater, would-be saint, beware!

For breakfast: genocide, buffalo hides,
Broadcast feathers and scattered

Wampum beads—
For lunch: bustling cotton gins,

An overseer’s rusted iron “bit,”
Egregious auction blocks,

Baleful phantoms of merciless slave ships still
Docking on these bartering shores . . .

At dinnertime, scarring billy-clubs,
Brass-knuckled rent-a-thugs,

And fearsome strike-breakers,
Atomic clouds, open-air assassinations,

Baptist church burnings, and syphilis “trials”
On unsuspecting Black recruits—

For (almost superfluous) dessert:
Abetting, love-it-or-leave-it senators,

Pillaged or shuttered abortion clinics,
Tiki Torches, and staining swastikas—

Yes, dauntless, sin-eliminating Hercules,
Be sure never to relinquish

The raise-the-roof tools
Of your inescapable arsenal:

A colossal, never-ending platter,
A fleet (albeit figurative) deveining knife,

And a formidable, Gulliver-sized fork—
Not to mention,

An arch, invisible bulldozer
And an immense matching bib,

A massive, hardworking syphon
For your hallowing, absolving mouth

And, of course, a seamless heart
Like Mother Mary’s,

For the benighted seasons
When our hate-laden republic implodes . . .

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One response to “Sin-Eater, Beware”

  1. Magda Bogin says:

    This is searing, soaring and all more impressive for being written in the heat of this terrible moment. Thank you for publishing. And congratulations to poet Cyrus Cassells.

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