Whats the difference between poetry and other writing?

Poetry is writing minus the traffic lights, bridges, and boring parts.


Whats a poet?

A poet condenses long strings of thought in a top hat, finds unlikely associations, pulls these figurative rabbits out of the hat for an audience that rarely claps, and then cries because nobody’s clapping.


What should a poet be?

A magician okay with not receiving applause.


What should a poem be?

That figurative rabbit who, having emerged from the hat, now writes its own poem.


Whats the funniest thing about being a poet?

The pay.


Whats the saddest thing about being a poet?

That no matter how ravishing the rabbit pulled from the hat, the poet always knows there are better rabbits in there.


Whats the best thing about being a poet?

Not having to follow the rules of writing.


If you werent a poet, what would you be?

A filmmaker.


If poetry were a film, which would it be?



If your poetry were a film, which would it be?



If you were a film, which would you be?

A Streetcar Named Desire


What poems would you like to see sleep together?

“Lady Lazarus” and “Howl”


What makes a life changing poem?

A poem that makes you re-see what you thought you’d already seen, and maybe even seen so many times you stopped seeing it, but this poem makes you see it again, and then see it better.


Why are you interviewing yourself?

Because I’m lonely and strange.


Are all poets lonely and strange?


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CAROLINE HAGOOD’s first book of poetry, Lunatic Speaks, was published in 2012, and her second poetry book, Making Maxine’s Baby, a small press bestseller, came out in 2015 from Hanging Loose Press. Her writing has also appeared in The Kenyon Review, the Huffington Post, the Guardian, Salon, and the Economist. She’s a Staff Blogger for the Kenyon Review, a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at Fordham University, and she teaches creative writing at Barnard College. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children.

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