ancient 2020 history


You should give the alternative

at least half as long as you

give reforming capital from within

and give and keep giving —


don’t see the devil in silencing

your details. We’ve been through

this for centuries, and now it’s

time to kill your precious


darlings. I’m the author of un-

finished novels who fills up un-

presentable notebooks on the side.

Welcome to the future


of publishing. The bible knows

that all we have is the word








The Logic of Worlds is

enough. You don’t have to

go back in and save those

restless pages from ordered

oblivion. That last story

collection you never read

thoroughly got in your head.

Fleecing readers, shelve it.

Write what you know: how you

can’t stop feeling, how you

can’t let go. Everybody knows.

Put down the cudgel, join

the club.




Christopher Wood was born in Springfield, Mass. and lives in New York. His fiction and essays have appeared on Vol 1 Brooklyn, The Millions, Full Stop and elsewhere. A section of his long poem, "America Today," was published by Dispatches from the Poetry Wars.

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