Sleep’s tentacles loose and tickling
should not be the enemy
nor the medicine. And when Day
stands in its way, it collapses under the demand.
  Parables, too, reach beyond night,
never stay taped with snapshots
on wood paneled walls and turn history
even in the present.
  Dreaming to understand them only means
understanding will never happen.
Sleep can never be the enemy; not the medicine
unless it’s supposed to last forever.


DARLENE ANITA SCOTT’s poetry has appeared in anthologies including Homegirls Make Some Noise, Growing Up Girl, and Role Call, as well as in journals including The Baltimore Review, Tidal Basin Review, Quiddity, and J Journal. Scott's manuscript of poems Marrow reimagines the Peoples Temple, a community of American men, women, and children who emigrated to Jonestown Guyana and were coerced into suicide by their spiritual leader. It's still seeking a publisher but was a semi-finalist in the Crab Orchard Review First Book contest. Her manuscript in progress, Breathing Lessons 101, is a multi-media exploration of the good girl stereotype as it is applied to females of color.

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