‘cross two vast ponds of depleting treasure
rises a brilliant rainbow

strawberry, lilac, violet
fill sky and cloud
so distant as to not exist

but for the inexorable inclination
to gaze directly
into blustery eyes
of these storms of grand ego

storms so arrogant
as to endeavor
ends of such a bold, self-assured palette
eschewing some hues
for those unique to
they who await no invitation

inclement weather
unconcerned of the void
into which it stares
knowing the void

is always staring back

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Born in Los Angeles into a well-disguised home of entropic, angst-ridden existence, DANNY BAKER eventually ran from the gilded mount of what should have been the American Dream; finding himself on and off the streets throughout his early teens. A high-school dropout, he somehow landed on Wall Street at 20.

Paternally bullied from his punk rock rebellion decades ago and into a suit—a move he rues to this day—his work reflects the pain of acute self-awareness, and the scars incurred while battling life and self for ostensible ‘success.’

Currently residing on Maui, Danny’s prose and poetry have been featured in Paraphilia, Volume 11, The Examiner and the Edgar Allan Poet library. He will also be featured with ten other poets in Into the Valley of Hinnom: A Dark Poetry Anthology, Volume 1, which will be released by Heliocentric Press. He is also actively penning a memoir, novel and children’s book.

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