If you want to see something striking —
the bits flying upward, dusting
the air with cyclones, perfectly conical,
particles gaining speed and imploding
on Demerol and smudged ink
like a star’s last wheeze
you don’t wait light-years
to receive — call something dead.
However you take that. That’s how
you do it. Call something dead. Call
baskets dead and Jeff Goldblum dead,
make a phone call to the past
and call it dead, call calling
something dead dead,
call phone booths late at night
when it’s raining and a man in a trench-
coat and fedora walks past,
call the fishmonger and the priest
dead, cannibal bits, dead meme,
dead elk, dead fashionista’s empress,
cassettes phonographs telegraphs
albums presidents economies
agent orange philosophies all dead
and bits dead dead.
Watch them swirl into a blinding
night of clacking bits
dead dead.
Dead the bits bits.


DUSTIN LUKE NELSON is the author of the chapbook Abraham Lincoln. His 90-minute performance film STRIKE TWO debuted with Gauss PDF and his performance piece "Applause" occurred at the Walker Art Center's Open Field in June 2014. He has recently published work in the Greying Ghost Pamphlet Series, Fence Magazine, Paper Darts, Opium, METRO Twin Cities, 3:AM, and elsewhere. His digital self is housed at dustinlukenelson.com.

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