Being pretty
is how a museum feels

All the money
located in one firm spot

someone owns a mansion and they invite everyone to the mansion

To sometimes
drink wine and listen to smart people think smart things

Wearing perfume
or cologne and spare jewelry and black clothes and shaved legs and clean hair

is a museum the location where it’s luxury to gather and hear intelligent things

to drink wine in a rarefied mansion where even the common people

Can see
pretty things and drink

The common people
exist together among the pretty and expensive things

Having and learning
an expensive way to be or think

I mean
it’s a benefit and it’s expensive to learn intelligent thoughts and to be among luxury and beneficial and intelligent things

Like being a color
or a special object in a museum

To be pastel or aqua
or an intense and antique blue

Pretend there is
a mansion with a lawn strung with lights for an evening party

And we are
in that party and the light is dimming and in the sky

I am talking about
that color of blue

In a museum
you experience that kind of feeling feeling like a light which is deep nuanced or curved

Again it is lucky
that the wealth has been gathered so generously to one firm spot

A museum
is a mansion for where the common folks to sometimes live

And in so living
have a chance to think some rarefied thought

It is a feeling
when one is in a museum when it is evening and deep blue

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EMILY BLUDWORTH DE BARRIOS is the author of Splendor, a book of poems from H_NGM_N Books, and Extraordinary Power, a chapbook from Factory Hollow Press. Her poems have most recently appeared in Sixth Finch, Jellyfish, and New Delta Review. She received her MFA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and also holds degrees from The College of William and Mary and Goldsmiths College. Find Emily online at

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