will not
get away

it will be
hunted and

and entered

feasted upon
and finally
laid to rest

well lived
and unwasted.

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EDWARD L. CANAVAN is an American poet whose work has most recently been published in The Opiate (Spring 2018, Vol.3), Harbinger Asylum (Summer 2019), Cholla Needles (Issue 29), and Poesis (Y2, No.7, October 2019). Edward’s work has also appeared in many now defunct Los Angeles publications such as Drunkard, Bleeding Hearts, and (SIC)Vice & Verse. In November, he was voted poet laureate of his apartment building, by himself and his beta fish, Bert. His first poetry collection entitled Wreck Collection was recently released by Cyberwit Press. Edward currently resides in North Hollywood, California where he divides his time between screaming out the window and staring at the wall.

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