for ruth weiss

where’s a pebble birthed?
the river delivered you
an ancient infant

rare egg of rock
rest upon my frail heartline
nearly translucent

clouds at your back
floating you down the river
innocence erodes

plucked from your sistren
a woman covets your grace
beauty is hapless

an opal gleams
scars peak out in between
ridges of your heart

oblong little moon
life’s orbit has you weary
face cratered and scarred

hemisphere of quartz
skull of a rat it seems
(depends who’s looking)

unsulcated brain
truth lives in simplicity
mind is not stone

hear the river hum,
enduring time traveler!
this age is awash

corpse of a warrior
striated bone sparkles
time is told in skin

sifted from the silt
from bouldered banks of yuba
water replants you

white pile of pebbles
transmute to shrouded petals
an eidelweiss sprouts


ELYSE HART is a poet, composer, and songwriter residing in West Hollywood, California. She once lamented being caught like a fox in the bramble until she realized the barbs were not barbs but her teeth around her ankle and she is now unbound.

2 responses to “water replants you: musings on a pebble”

  1. Gary Hart says:

    Beautiful poem Elyse!! Also, your realization about the barbs being your “teeth” is very powerful. Such a realization must be a “game changer”

    How did things go down in Peru? Did you take a lot of photos? We will have to have a meet up real soon!

  2. Angela Anable says:

    Beautiful prose. I am in awe.

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