Fifty years ago
television viewers
were allowed only
Elvis Presley’s face
his hips
the music of Black People

Today, at the
Young Men’s Christian Association
Women in lines
wearing tight clothing

stood, gyrating
all their

hips, thighs,
buttocks, breasts,
sphincter muscles kegels
and labia minora

in rhythm
to music made by
Actual Black People

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ED MAKOWSKI is a poet, artist, and writer living in Milwaukee, WI. Working as Eddie Kilowatt his first book Manifest Density was included in Best New Poetry of 2006 and Carrying a Knife in to the Gunfight won the Carma Labs Writer's Award. Both were released by his indy press Full Contact Publishing. Ed is a regular contributor of poetry to both Milwaukee's NPR station 89.7 WUWM and Frontier Radio 91.7 WMSE. As an extension of his writing Ed also creates artwork blending photography and poetry, the two genres meeting together most often as silk-screened poster art.

One long term project he's is involved in is documenting “dialog poems.” These use the poem as a form to preserve words spoken by other people whose wisdom in conversation would be otherwise lost. The goal of the poem is for the reader to hear the speaker's own accent and vocal timing. In his explanation, “Whenever someone says something absolutely fascinating I try to record it in their spirit and language as accurately as possible.”

When not working as a mover, bartender, moped salesman, lumberjack, or doorman Ed travels, most often riding his 1973 BMW. More of his work can be found at Ed Makowski's Kitchen Table and his books can be ordered here

Photo by Susan Scott.

One response to “State of the Union”

  1. Becky says:

    I think the first stanza is explanatory.

    Elvis’ boring head?

    I am confused about gyrating labia minora all by themselves. What happened to the majora?

    Are they standing still?

    Is this a political joke? So deep….

    No pun intended.

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