By Eric Rawson


The chromosomal kinds often result

in minor improvements to the species


The fat-fingered mistakes that used to plague

a typist encourage online porno-

graphers and herbal-supplement scammers


New words are added to the lexicon

as was the delicious dord in Websters’

1939 edition and old


Morals undermined (see the King James which

in 1631 did not command

the flock not to commit adultery


resulting one supposes in a mid-

century spike in bastardy)—careless

proofing yields a meditative moment:


The mindswept plain of western Nebraska


Instead of meteorology an

epistemology—Instead of top-

ography a description of pureness

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ERIC RAWSON lives in Pasadena and teaches at the University of Southern California. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, he has published in a number of places, including Agni, Slate, Commonweal, Ploughshares, and Denver Quarterly, and is the author of The Hummingbird Hour, Expo, American Subcultures, and the forthcoming novel Banana Republic.

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