Please explain what just happened.

Angelo: The universe has revealed to us an aligning of the minds.

Norwood:The space/time continuum has just collapsed into a major celebratory event called NOW! We have come, from the ONE ground of being, as manifestations in the field of time, to bring you this NUTTNESS! I am looking forward to seeing what becomes of this.

What is your earliest memory?

AM: I was 4 and went to the beach

NF: Getting my nose split open, by a rock, thrown by a little boy, that I was taunting from within what I had imagined was the safety of my family’s fenced in backyard, as he and another boy walked through the alley behind the house we live in.

If you weren’t a (Angelo-musician, artist, lyricist, performer and composer), (Norwood-Groove merchant/Dance motivator) what other profession would you choose?

AM: I’ve been an entertainer my entire life, so I can’t see myself being anything else.

NF: I usually joke that I would have liked to do porn, but I’d be doing porn now if that were really the case. There’s nothing stopping me but the fact that I really must not be that guy. I actually was entertaining an occupation as a trash-man when I was in the 11th and 12th grades. During those years in high school, I worked at Taco Bell, and there was a girl that worked there that drove a fly new Corvette. When she wasn’t driving the ‘Vette, she rolled a brand new Caddy. Somehow, I remember her family had a very large, new motor home as well. I knew she wasn’t capable of keeping up those car payments on Taco Bell pay. I said something jokingly about it one day to another employee and he told me that her father was a TRASH-MAN! I actually had training in this area. When I was in the 9th grade, after getting kicked out of my 5th period metal shop class, I was given the only class my councilor could find for me, CUSTODIAL ENGINEERING!

Please describe the current contents of your refrigerator.

AM: I just finished eating some left over Thai food from last night. A ton of stuff, there’s corn, spices, an onion in a bowl, a lot of vitamins, birthday cake, hot sauce, ketchup, horseradish, soda, milk, juice, avocado, soy milk and San Pellegrino, etc.

NF: A lot of fresh spinach, clover sprouts, oranges and red and yellow apples. Some hummus, salsa, and a fillet of salmon.

What verb best describes you?


NF: Nuttsactive describes me to a tee. Any way you slice it, it’s comin’ up NUTTS, and I’m always in action about it. To be engaged in NUTTSACTIVITY, is to have already admitted that you’re crazy for attempting the impossible, so you get the artistic license to do NUTTEVER you need to get the results you’re aiming for. If you fail, so what, you’re a mad scientist anyway, but at the end of the day, at least you had the balls enough to try. Don’t just dream the impossible dream, act on it!

What would you say to yourself if you could go back in time and have a conversation with yourself at age thirteen?

AM: Hey man, you better be careful because this music that you’re gettin’ ready to do is gonna have people stealing your money after you make it. So, pay attention to your managers and the record companies because they’re gonna end up mismanaging your money. The system is not geared toward black musicians playing Rock & Roll, so you’re gonna have one hell of a challenge ahead of you.

NF: I would suggest that I ask Kendall to teach me how to play guitar and ask Chris to teach me how to play piano and ask Angelo to teach me how to play saxophone. Fish didn’t like to let ANYONE play his drums, so I wouldn’t suggest that to a thirteen year old me, because I already know what the answer would’ve been.

What are the steps you take to regain your composure?

AM: Any type of art; be it working on one of my solo music projects, writing poetry or any of my mixed media adventures.

NF: That depends on the nature of the situation that throws off my balance. If I’m walking down the street and I trip over a crack in the sidewalk, I turn, look at the offending obstruction as if it is at fault and proceed to demonstrate a more pimpish strut, just in-case a hot chick or any nearby little kids are watching.

Define “success”.

AM: Success is being able to do what you want to do for a living and for the most part enjoying it.

NF: Success is the street my family lived on in Watts or Compton, just a few blocks from the house we lived in when my nose encountered that rock thrown by the little boy I was foolishly taunting. Otherwise, “success” to me is being in the game, playing to your full potential.

From what or whom do you derive your greatest inspiration?

AM: Jazz, rock, ska, art, poetry and theater.

NF: I could name a few people, and I will. Richard Pryor, Fela Kuti, Mohamed Ali and Jimi Hendrix all led amazing, ground breaking lives, which inspire me to no end. Yet and still, far and above those amazing human beings, George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic is where I go to for inspiration more times than not. Funkadelic was a multi-media experience with their album art alone. With Parliament, George Clinton actually acquired a spaceship (I think that is enough in and of itself, for an insane artist, that happens to be a black man). The endurance and commitment that these guys display, to this day, inspire me to no end.

What change do you want to be in the world?

AM: I want the world to realize that keeping your integrity to your music, art and concepts are very important.

NF: That change in the dish at 7-11 or the liquor store that allows someone to have exact change when you came to the store without enough money.

Are you pro- or anti-emoticon? Please explain.

AM: Yea, I’m Pro, because I smile a lot and I’m very expressive.

NF: I’m pro-emoticon! Why? Because it’s good and gay! We need not fear the gayness of emoticons and should celebrate it at every turn! ¤<}

How are you six degrees from Kevin Bacon?

AM: I don’t know what you mean, but I do like to eat bacon.

NF: I’m Woodywoodstraw, The Devils Son-In-Law, fool!

What makes you feel most guilty?

AM: Being on the road so much that I miss out on spending time with my family.

NF: Whenever I know, deep down inside that I am not putting 100% or more into anything I claim to be committed to.

Please list three things you never leave home without.

AM: My instruments; Saxophone and Theremin, my computer, and my passport.

NF: My driver’s license, my keys and at least one prophylactic.

What is the worst piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

AM: Being told to change the lyrics of my song Weed Plant into: “Where’d you get those pants” in hopes that the song would gain commercial success.

NF: To wait to start my own record label.

What is the best advice you’ve ever given to someone else?

AM: Stay true to your roots, you’ll find that the answer is in your heart.

NF: If you don’t stop screwing your ex-girlfriend, you’ll never find a better one.

What do you consider the harshest kind of betrayal?

AM: Having your kid kept away from you after you were under the impression that the kid was yours to share equally with the other parent.

NF: When it involves children, in any way, form or fashion.

Of all the game shows that have graced our TV screens throughout history, which one would you want to be a contestant on and why?

AM: Hollywood Squares because I feel that I’m eclectic enough to make a difference.

NF: The Hollywood Squares! Because the stars seemed like they were partying balls out behind the scenes. Nipsey Russel was a favorite.

What do you want to know?

AM: I’d like to know when something’s gonna give.

NF: I want to know advanced trigonometry

What would you like your Last Words to be?

AM: “Kiss my Black Ass”

NF: I didn’t think the human race would take so swiftly to telepathy, rendering speaking obsolete….

Please explain what will happen.

AM: We will soon have our spirits aligned with the universe.  Thus we will create and procreate.

NF: Nuttin’ is gonna happen in a big way. Nut, the mother of the Gods in Egyptian spirituality, is gonna take over and put everything in balance.

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Legendary in the history of American Ska, Rock Fusion and (so-called) Black Rock, FISHBONE started their twenty five-year long professional career in Los Angeles's burgeoning, illustrious Alternative Rock music scene of the mid-1980s. Their sound has often been imitated, but never duplicated. Angelo Moore’s ability to combine thought-provoking, humorous, social commentary with Fishbone brethren’s frenzied, up-tempo music and a frantic, euphorically entertaining stage show has cultivated their undisputed reputation as one of the best live acts in music history. Moore is renowned as one of the very best live showmen; Gwen Stefani of platinum-selling Ska/Pop band No Doubt sites Moore as her idol.

Fishbone has been composing, creating, recording, releasing and performing original music for over two decades. They have toured worldwide with such bands as the Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Roots, Les Claypool/Primus, Fela Kuti, The Dead Kennedys and many more.

The band was formed in 1979 in the ghettos of South Central Los Angeles. From their childhood together in the hardcore South Central Los Angeles wasteland to years of forced school-bused integration, Fishbone's influences were kaleidoscopic and never-ending.

Fishbone first gained attention with their unique live concerts, earning a reputation as one of the most original bands in the alternative genre. Their unique stew of different styles, mixed with hectic energy and pounding rhythms, were a huge influence on the funk/rock/metal/rap genre that would become popular in the 1990s.

Still a relative secret in the worlds of Pop and Rock music Fishbone has released numerous innovative, clever, genre-bending, cult-classic albums like 'Fishbone', 'Truth and Soul', 'The Reality of My Surroundings' and 'Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx'. Fishbone lives up to their legend as "THE" group to bridge the gap between the funk of George Clinton and the blare of Rush; a hybrid fusion where Led Zeppelin and Sly Stone dance to a frenetic ska beat that fuel's the alternative thrust of acts like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction and No Doubt.

Live audiences around the world have been surrendering to the band's stage flash and magical rhythms with uninterrupted regularity. Such passionate devotion is not lost on Fishbone, who refer to their friends on the road as "The Familyhood." Fishbone's dedicated fan base is, for the most part, happy to travel down whatever musical path the musicians pursue.

The current line up (Norwood Fisher, Angelo Moore, John Steward, Dre Gipson, Rocky George, and John McKnight) released their 8th record in 20 years, "Still Stuck in Your Throat" on March 27, 2007.

This Current lineup has steered Fishbone into a unique Jazzy/Gospel feel that has to be seen live to understand how a band could be considered "jazzy/ska/gospel/punk-rock/reggae" to quote Angelo Moore when asked to describe Fishbone's newest direction.

Attention seems to be returning to the band as they appeared on 'Look At All The Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime' with an amazing and energetic cover of 'Date Rape'. Their version of the song has received airplay on radio stations nation wide across the US and a film clip has been made. They also appear as the house band in Outkast's movie, "Idlewild" as well as a Christina Aguilera video. You can also see them in David Arquette's directorial debut, "The Tripper". To date, Fishbone continues to tour through the US & Europe, kicking off The Spring Skaward Tour in February with the English Beat. And, 2010 marks the bands 25-year anniversary, which will include the release of the full-length documentary film “Everyday Sunshine” outlining the bands storied 25-year career in the music industry.

14 responses to “21 Questions with Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher of Fishbone”

  1. Ducky Wilson says:

    Woody’s earliest memory explains so much.

    I used to work at Trees in Dallas. Seriously great pits and great times. Thanks.

    Love you guys.

    Keep eating bacon.

  2. Slade Ham says:

    The FB discography has gotten me through many a road trip. I’m a fan.

    PS: Fuck racism 🙂

  3. YES!!!!!

    Glad you’re gracing our pages and welcome to TNB.

    Custodial Engineering was actually a class? Un-fucking-believable. Looking forward to seeing you live with the English Beat.

  4. Tony DuShane says:

    my first slamdance was in 1985 at the circle star theatre in redwood city, california. the bill was fishbone, trouble funk and the untouchables.

    it’s chronicled in a short scene in my novel, confessions of a teenage jesus jerk.

    that show meant a lot to me. i was such a fan, and my parents were strict jehovah’s witnesses. my elder dad had this thing that most music was directly from satan, but he had a soft spot for old, black soul bands……SO……in order to go to the show i had to play him the music so he could make sure it wouldn’t stray me from god.

    i played him ‘what’s gone wrong’ by the untouchables. he approved and was proud i wasn’t listening to that satanic punk rock that i secretly listened to.

    my dad had to go to the show with me and my other jehovah’s witness friends. i asked my if we can go up to the front and he said, ‘as long as i can still see you’.

    we were gone. the show was absolutely wild.

    oh, back up, while entering the parking lot my dad saw a lot of mohawks and punk rockers drinking by their cars….he asked if they were here for the same show, and we said we weren’t sure.

    i should’ve got in trouble, but i didn’t. fishbone absolutely killed it….that’s back when they released their first record…still have the vinyl downstairs and spin it at dj gigs.

    as well as trouble funk and the untouchables.

    i got one over on elder dad. he played along. and he actually really liked the untouchables. ….sorry fishbone, you were too much for preacher pops.

    anyway, since my novel is loosely based on personal experiences, i had to make sure the fishbone scene made it in.

    pure joy. fishbone is always in my heart.

    i bought a rubber fishbone and wore it on my suit jacket when i would sneak out to other shows.

    great interview and thank you.

  5. Wow! Talk about a great Q&A to start my Sunday morning. I’d just like to state that Fishbone has gotten me through many a day. Keep on churnin’ it out!

  6. There’s a connection with Fishbone and Bakersfield. I’ll have to have my friend Matt Munoz read this and see if he will comment…

  7. Oh and I really liked this: “I want the world to realize that keeping your integrity to your music, art and concepts are very important.”

    I try to go to sleep with that in mind every night.

    This post was skalicious.

  8. Very nice interview, always wonderful to see Angelo and Norwood reaffirm their commitment to art. In doing so they reignite the fire of so many more who followed in their wake. See y’all in the pit in 2010!

  9. Phat B says:

    Fishbone is red hot! Keep coming to The Galaxy. The first time I ever saw a drummer set his kit up with his back to the crowd, and it ruled! You could see Fish just cooking on the drums.

  10. Ben Loory says:

    i really love norwood’s answer to the “last words” question. also i love that angelo has never heard of the six degrees of kevin bacon! i wanna live on those guys’s planet! (though any planet that loves p-funk that much is obviously the place for me anyway.)

  11. Matt says:

    This band is inspiration to all. These guys will play the music they love until death!!!…Long Live Fishbone!!!

  12. Bill says:

    They just put out a Live at Bordeaux DVD, they have the whole thing up on there website,, its an awesome show.

  13. Matt says:

    Great interview…So stoked to see these guys again!

  14. Chris herl says:

    Yeah well good musicians but when I said what’s up to Angelo at a show….total kook. John was cool. Norwood seems cool. And when fish was in the band he told someone in the band to “get all these white people out of here” I’m just sayin…..

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