8 responses to “Broken Arrow, Oklahoma – 3:29 p.m.”

  1. Gloria says:

    The Real World of the Flies

    • Tawni Freeland says:

      A lollipop and a mohawk. Shit just got real.

      • pixy says:

        you’ve got a heartbreaker on your hands here.

      • Gloria says:

        and a window breaker, and an eardrum breaker, and, likely, some sort of record breaker… 🙂

      • Gloria says:




        I flew with the boys one time, when they were two. Now they’re nine and I’ve just gone on my second trip with them (where we took a mode of transportation that I wasn’t driving) – this time on Amtrak. And even though it was loads better (no trip to the hospital immediately following the trip this time!), I’m fucking beat, man.

        Destructo. Heh.

        It doesn’t end. Ever!

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