Forget the 1990s hooligans and let’s welcome the new generation of gangsters

English-speaking, American-skater-wannabe Asians

Like clones with indigo jeans from nudies and black slip-ons from Vans

Rocking New Era caps with the stickers still attached


Paying a regular visit everyday to Cineleisure

Chilling at the most crowded corners

Smoking cigarettes for the fashion

Trying to intimidate people with branded apparel instead of muscle


These modern rebels need no weapon

Seniors in their family are well-equipped with the law

Don’t even bother bringing up your side of the story to the bouncers

They probably work for one of their uncles


Clubbing, Facebook, Twitter, Cineleisure

Lifestyle of the recent Singapore Gangster

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JOEL CHUA HIANG YANG is an aspiring writer who is passionate about contemporary and experimental poetry. He is twenty years old this year and currently pursuing a diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education at Ngee Ann Polytechnic of Singapore. He has had his poetry published in ‘Moving Words 2011: A Poetry Anthology’ which is a Singapore poetry anthology and has won two competitions of the British Council, one as a runner up.

Joel believes that poetry is the most graceful form of expressing oneself and where words are liberated and free. The thoughts and emotions of the human mind is a subject Joel often explores in his writing especially unusual desires and thoughts. Joel also occasionally writes short fiction and non-fiction stories, drawing inspiration from daily experiences, films and historical events. Joel finds writing a great way to express oneself and believes it allow one’s voice to be heard not just verbally but visually too. To Joel, writing is also the best medicine for his soul which heals his spirits whenever he feels down or goes through a bad day.

Apart from writing, Joel also loves martial arts and spends most days of the week training in Muay Thai, a martial art style originated from Thailand.

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  1. Dennis Yeo says:


    I am trying to get in contact with Joel Chua. it concerns his poem in Moving Words as we would like to use it for a publication. Could you please contact me at the above address.


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